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Batter Bumpers (Bumper Guards)
Non-marking, polyethylene base batter bumpers incorporate internal rigid supports to protect both your boat and your dock from collisions.

A variety of fixed or fold up boat dock ladders, ramps and gangways engineered from powder coated welded aluminum are visually striking and provide maximum strength and safety.

Fold Down & Pop-up Cleats
High strength, fold down cleats in all sizes provide solid boat mooring capabilities, and prevent stubbed toes and tripping issues

Aluminum Tig Welded Handrails
Attractive, sturdy and non-corrosive handrails ensure safety for all ramps, docks and piers.

Wheels and Axles
Wheels and axle systems used in our floating docks are hidden, creating an aesthetically pleasing, yet fully functional removal system

Piano Hinges
When required, piano hinges are used to ensure a high quality, flexible join.

Diving Boards & Slides
An assortment of diving boards and slides are available and can be customized for your dock.

Proprietary Pile Hugger
Ensures floating docks smoothly and efficiently rise and fall with lake levels.

Mooring Whips
Designed to prevent damage to your dock and boat and make mooring easy and safe.

Mooring Buoys
Coastguard approved buoys available.

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